An exercise from my Product Design course with the following objective: "Rebrand a university's library website, using a fixed wireframe, previously made by the User Experience team".

how i defeated him:
I started identifying some brand guidelines to help me develop the interface and studied the wireframe to understand the needs of the users and the logic of the User Experience team.
I started the layout on Adobe XD and that's the result:
1. Links to come back to University of Virginia Home and to My Account with proper icons, to help to identify their objective visually;
2. the search bar highlighted with a background photo, since it's the main important section of the page;
3. News & Events and Current Exhibitions following the same visual;
4. A big picture of the library to illustrate the explanation of what the library is;
5. "Improve Your Research" and "Find Spaces & Services" sections with the same visual, since they're complementary services;
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